Buddha Bear Wisdom

POSTED BY: Arne ON - 29. May 2012

The Buddha Bear and the Flower

The flower invites the Buddha Bear with no-mind
The Buddha Bear visits the flower with no-mind.

The flower opens, the Buddha Bear comes;
The Buddha Bear comes, the flower opens.

I don’t know others,
Others don’t know me.

By not-knowing
we follow nature’s course.

(Free after Ryokan 1758 – 1831)

Commentary: Open your mouth like a flower and see if a Buddha Bear is coming visiting you … Remember: Do it with no-mind!

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Bearlin: mindsweets on the Umweltfestival on the 3rd of June

POSTED BY: Elisabeth ON - 23. May 2012

mindsweets is showing and selling the sweet organic bears for the first time on the Umweltfestival in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

At this 17th Umweltfestivals more then 250 exhibitors are showing their contributions around the topic of natur and environment protection in Germany. Before the Rio Summit the topics of sustainability and clima friendly consumtion are presented.

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Words of Wisdom #47

POSTED BY: Elisabeth ON - 14. May 2012

Buddha Bears love the sun and they know:

Turn your head to the sun, then the shadows fall behind you.

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Coming soon: Buddha Bears

POSTED BY: Arne ON - 08. May 2012

This is the card of the first Buddha Bears in english. We have them in three different colours: red (Love is the beginning of everthing), white (Every moment is a new beginning) and orange (You are absolutely unique).

You can get them by the end of may in our shop!

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