Best gummy bears in the world!

POSTED BY: Elisabeth ON - 21. November 2012

 If you visit New York, go to the Central Park and see the Strawberry Fields, a section that is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. There you will most probably meet Gary, the mayor of the Strawberry Fields. He is there every day for years. He saw me putting the bears on the ground and taking pictures with them. Curiously he watched me and asked to get some. Than he was totally overjoyed about the delicious taste 🙂 He loved the Buddha Bears that reminded him of the dancing Bears (Grateful Dead) … Love and Peace!

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Buddha Bears for the USA

POSTED BY: Arne ON - 08. November 2012

We are working on getting the Buddha Bears exported to the US. If you are intersted, please contact our partner Nancy: nancy.phillips@buddha-bears.com

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