About us

mindsweets was founded in January 2010 in Berlin Kreuzberg. It all started with the idea of the Buddha Bears:

The founder of mindsweets had some ordinary gummy bears and suddenly thought: „How inconsequent! For over 20 years you haven’t eaten any meat, nor poultry or fish – but you just shrug your shoulders while eating this gummy bear with gelatine?!” Meditasting about this incident he had an idea: „If I were gummy bear producer I would make them without gelatine and call them Buddha Bears!“ The more he told his friends about this idea the more he was surprised about the positive echo. Everyone smiled right away: „Buddha Bears – how sweet!” And so the Buddha Bears got more and more nourishment …

This story shows our motivation. The mindsweets concept is inspired by (Zen) Buddhism. The president Arne Schaefer is a Zen teacher (Dharma Master) and teaches in the international Kwan Um School of Zen. He has been a consultant and coach for more than 10 years and tries to connect a buddhist world view with our moderen economy in his coach and consultancy sessions. His experience deeply influences our work. Every employee  of our small team is engaged on a voluntary basis in a buddhist center or another social area.

Our Buddha Bears are special. You can see, smell and taste that because our Buddha Bears are:

  • vegan – only vegetable ingrediences without gelatine, gluten or lactose

  • tasty and healthy – without artificial aromas and almost 25% fruit juice share

  • sustainable – over 95% of our ingrediences are from controlled organic farming, the paper is mostly from sustainable forestry (FSC)

  • social – our products are ready-made by hand in a Berlin workshop by handicapped people



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